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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little more progress every day

When I got to the boat last night about 8 PM, I just couldn't bring myself to just sit down and watch a movie or read.  So, I installed all the removable fiddles on the various shelves in the galley and saloon.  Also hung up the new paper towel holder in the head.  This, of course, required removing the toilet paper holder first and relocating it an inch or so lower than it used to be.  That's basically how all boat jobs go; always have to undo one thing to do something else.

Today, I ran the propane hose from the new stove, outside and to the stern where the bottles will go.  All I have to do now is buy some propane bottles and figure out how I want to stow them. Need to install the propane sniffer as well.  Also got the foot pump (for fresh water) installed in the head.

Finally, I think I have the design for my stern pulpit figured out (that's the solid rail that encloses the back end of the boat for you non-seafarin' folks).  The homemade one that's on it is ugly and cracked at all the welds.  I hope I have the design right because once it's welded up in stainless steel, it's a little late to find out that I screwed up some measurement.  I'll have to ponder it a bunch before I deliver the design to the fabricator.

Tomorrow's big job is to cut 2 access holes in the top of my diesel tank and then pump the fuel out so that I can reach in with a rag and clean the inside.  Then I'll have to have a couple pieces of aluminum plate cut to the right size and drilled for screw holes so I can cover up the access ports. 

This must be incredibly boring to anyone except Lulu.  Sorry folks, but I have to do all this stuff before we can get underway and start writing the interesting stuff.  Bear with me.

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