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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy, productive weekend

Home this weekend working on this and that. Before I left Newport
Friday, I finished hooking up the new battery charger and It's now
merrily charging both of our expanded battery banks. Found a sweet
spot just inside the engine room door to mount the new terminal
strips. Very accessible.

At home I built the doors for the clothes lockers, a new teak paper
towel holder, glued up the bottom step (aka battery box top), a new
dorade for AirHead ventilation, a the spigot for a new engine
compartment access hatch. Have to take it back to the boat to make
sure everything fits before I build the hatch itself. Lulu finished
sewing up covers for our 4 spare diesel jerry jugs, the autopilot,
the Honda generator, and the little outboard motor. I brought the
other half of the V-berth mattress home so she got to try out the
custom sheets and quilt she made. Fit beautifully. Now we'll have a
real bed instead of a mattress with sleeping bags. This past week
she also did some painting for me. Today she managed to figure out
the Froli mattress system and put it together.

Tomorrow I have to get some papers notarized and then make a trip to
the transfer station to get rid of old paint, motor oil, compute
monitor etc. Going to head to the boat tomorrow afternoon or evening
so I can jump right in to projects first thing Tuesday morning.

The to-do list is looking less daunting by the day although we
definitely can't afford to let up at all.

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