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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/23/2011 - Why do I even bother?

Why do I bother to make plans? Worse yet, why do I bother to announce these plans?

Case in point:

When I last blogged, we were planning on leaving Puerto Escondido on Monday the 22nd. Then, after a week or two messing around the various nearby anchorages, we were going to head up to Guaymas to haul out and paint the bottom of the boat. Remember?

Our paid-up moorage in the inner harbor was up yesterday. Between the last time we paid and now, the prices have increased something like 43%. That's a wee bit too steep considering what the services are. So, we planned to move anyway. While shooting the shit with some of the folks who are more or less permanently moored here at PE, we were offered a mooring in the "waiting room" just outside the entrance to the harbor. The waiting room is a small bay in which you can either anchor or, if one is available, grab a mooring. The problem with anchoring is that the bay is some 60 feet deep in the middle and most of the good anchoring spots around the edge have been taken up with moorings. The beauty of staying in the waiting room is that it only costs about $1.00 (US) per day.

But, so what? We're headed out of here right? Well, not so fast....

Reason #1 to stay put: Since my previous posting, we found out that Lulu's Mom is seriously considering moving to Iowa to be near to two of her sons. If she does make the move, she is probably going to want someone to help her with the trip. Lulu's youngest brother is apparently going to take care of moving her stuff and Lulu has volunteered to accompany her Mom on the cross-country flight if everything works out. Trouble is, we're not sure when, or even IF this is all going to happen. But if it does, we need to be within easy access to an airport.

Reason #2 to stay put: September is reputed to be the month when we are most likely to get a hurricane in the Sea. Puerto Escondido is a pretty darn good hurricane hole.

Reason #3 to stay put: Moorings in the waiting room do not become available very often. If we were to leave for a week or so to go play on Isla Carmen, there's a really good chance that the mooring offered would no longer be available when we return. Especially as more folks in the inner harbor are faced with the new price structure.

Reason #4 to stay put: According to our new friends Steve & Charlotte on s/v Willful Simplicity, the uninhabited islands are just lousy with bees this time of year. This was borne out this morning when a cruiser reported from Isla Carmen that his boat was inundated with bees and he was stung 17 times while there.

Can you see where this is going?

We went to the API office yesterday and paid about $45 (US) to stay in the waiting room through the end of September. That should get us through hurricane season. If a hurricane does come, everybody in the waiting room will beat feet into the inner harbor for better protection.

Staying out in the waiting room will change our daily routine a little but I don't think we're going to suffer very much. We'll have to pay for our showers now but they are pretty cheap (11 pesos - we were paying 15 pesos in La Paz), and we can't use the little pool to soak in like we have been doing every afternoon. However, up the road apiece is the Tripui Hotel with a bar and restaurant. If we buy a couple beers, we are welcome to use their pool.

And, if we don't want to make the walk, we can always just take the dinghy around the corner and take a dip in the Sea. There're a couple of water spigots available nearby for filling jugs and taking a shower if we don't want to pay the marina.

The weather is as good here as it is anywhere else in the Sea this time of year, it's almost as cheap to moor here as it would be to anchor elsewhere, and there are no bees. And the people here are fun to visit with. Pretty much every afternoon ends up with a bunch of folks sitting around outside Ray and Jaime's office (Marinos Servicios) shooting the breeze and drinking beer.

So, barring some unforeseen development, looks like this is where we'll be at least until the end of September. And you can take that to the bank. I wouldn't, but you can.

BTW, according to the USCG vessel documentation records, there are only 2 US documented boats named Siempre Sabado. And guess what? That's right, they're both right here in the waiting room. Here's the other one:


Anonymous said...

Best laid plans are subject to change and that is the name of the game. Play it by ear and be flexible. We aren't going south this winter. will hang around Oregon and enjoy? the winter. At least I will, but I doubt that Dad will but he will be okay. Must be flexible. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve & Lulu: I am a great planner, but am always flexible - sometimes plans work out, sometimes they don't - I just don't get upset when they don't - I do have fun planning them though. Take care and my love to both of you - Nancy

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that two boats could have the same name. Is it because one is a sailing vessel and the other a motor vessel? That is what Dad thought. Love, Mom

Beverly said...

Why are the bees so bad? Lots of flora there to pollinate? No insecticide? Does the fact the islands are uninhabited contribute for some reason?

Steve and Lulu said...

I believe that in Canada two boats can't have the same name but in the States, not so. If you ever find yourself on the USCG vessel documentation search page, look up something like "Wind Dancer" or "Wind Walker" or even "Moxie". You'll be amazed at how many boats have the same name.

The bees are bad because they're thirsty and the islands are very dry. Cruising boats tend to have fresh water on board and the bees know it. If the islands had people around, there would be dripping faucets, pet water dishes, water troughs, etc, so there would be lots of places to get a drink. So, yes, the uninhabited nature of the islands is a big contributor.


Anonymous said...

Gosh if LuLu did join her mother on a trip to Iowa....it would sure be a nice surprise if you could do a haul out and have the bottom all painted and back in the water when she gets back.

Anonymous said...

I bet she would like that. She works very hard!