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Saturday, August 20, 2011

8/20/2011 - The "plan"

The raw water pump is all installed and seems to be pumping good without leaking. I've changed the engine oil several times and it gets less and less milky every time. We have extra oil on board for a couple more changes as well as enough heavy duty Fram oil filters to match the oil changes. We should finish repairing the dodger (rotted threads) today. We have plenty of stores on board. Tomorrow is our last paid-up day here at Puerto Escondido so it looks like we'll be heading out of here on Monday sometime. First leg will either be around the corner to El Juncalito or across the strait to Bahia Marguer on Isla Carmen for a few days. We'll get reacquainted with our anchor, swimming in the same water we're anchored in, no stores, etc. Then we'll start heading north again. Our goal is to get to Guaymas to haul out and paint the bottom. This isn't super pressing as our bottom paint is still in pretty good shape and Ray from Servicios Marinos scraped all the little barnacles off just the other day. However, the bottom paint at the water line is coming off in spite of our meticulous following of instructions when we applied it (we raised the water line so this was being put on top of gel coat). We need to at least paint that and we also need to hit our exterior woodwork again and that's much easier on the hard where you can work from a ladder rather than leaning over the piece you're Cetol-ing.

Another beautiful and (at the moment anyway) breezy day here at Puerto Escondido. We heard from s/v Willful Simplicity on the net today that San Evaristo got clobbered with winds up to 75 knots on Thursday when we were getting the chubasco here. Caused some damage on several boats including a bent rudder post on Willful Simplicity. They're headed here, presumably to make repairs.

That's it for now. When our plans change, you'll be the second ones to know.

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