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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Just a quick note to let you know we're still alive and kicking.

When we were in Loreto just last week, we were broiling in the heat and thinking that maybe the cruisers who return "home" every summer weren't such pansies after all but rather were maybe on to something. Now that we're here, the heat of Loreto sounds pretty good. "Here" is our daughter's place outside Silverton, Oregon. This used to be our place until we sold it to her and took off for sunnier climes. Our first morning back in Oregon it was cold (well, cold to us; it was about 65 degrees) and raining. I was beginning to question my choice of footwear for the trip (all I brought was a pair of sandals and a pair of slippers). As soon as we could we headed to Goodwill to get a few pieces of warmer clothing that we could leave here when we go back to Mexico. That way, they'll be here for us next time. The weather has been off and on since we got here. Dreary grey cool day followed by a sunny, bright, cool day. Usually reasonably warm by the afternoon, though. This weekend it's supposed to be up in the 80s which will feel much more like what we've gotten used to.

It's been interesting getting reacquainted with our homeland after being gone for the better part of a year. It's nice to walk through stores and find pretty much everything you're looking for. Except string. You know, regular old string that you'd use to tie up a parcel. Lulu wanted some for doing a macrame curtain for Cody's front door. You'd think with all the craft super stores around that it'd be easy to find something like this. Not so. We finally found it in the garden section of the local farm store. But it cost about five times as much as the same stuff cost at a small papeleria in La Paz.

But, the flip side of finding lots of stuff to buy is that the urge to buy a lot of stuff kicks back in. I'm glad we have limited space on the boat and limited space in our luggage because I find myself wandering through the stores discovering all sorts of great stuff that I must own. Fortunately, common sense kicks in before I can pull the debit card out of my wallet, and I realize that we don't have room and, more importantly, WE DON'T NEED THIS CRAP!

Today, Lulu & Cody are off to Lewiston, Idaho to visit Lulu's mom and I'm off to Warrenton, Oregon for a family reunion.

Don't look for too many blog entries while we're out of Mexico. I'll try to do a few but there's very little to write about that would interest anyone outside of the immediate family and, frankly, it probably wouldn't interest them all that much.

So, until later...


Tate said...

Enjoy your vacation from your vacation Steve!

Anonymous said...

Steve & Lulu,

If you guys need a hot meal while you're in town, you know where to find us. Would be great to catch up.