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Sunday, July 3, 2011

6/28/2011 - Fishing trip, part three

Saturday (6/25) morning, after pancakes for breakfast, we hoisted the anchor and got underway. The charged-up house batteries managed to keep the windlass running nicely and we got all 200' of chain aboard with no problems.

Jay rigged up the trolling lines and I steered Wind Raven out of the anchorage and back towards home. We motored past the salt mines and they were intriguing enough from offshore to guarantee a return trip.

A little ways south (actually closer to SW) of Bahia Salinas the portside reel began to sing again. I slowed the boat and Jay set the hook. Then I stopped the boat and began "working" the starboard pole. Jay said that, when you hook one dorado, there are usually others around that will stay there until the hooked one is out of the water. If you work a lure past these "looky-loos" you just might catch a second one. Well, although Jay said he saw a whole bunch of other dorado near the one he was working, none of them were much interested in my lure, or at least not interested in my presentation of it. But, no matter. Jay managed to land another dorado. this one was also smaller than the big ones you see in the pictures but it was just the right size for a couple of dinners. When first landed, like yesterday's, the fish was bright lime green. He quickly started to change color and we managed to get one shot when he was a beautiful blue color.

Although we dragged lures the rest of the way home, we didn't get any more interest from the local fish. We could have probably tried harder but our priority was to get Lulu back to Siempre Sabado and her headache meds (which we forgot to bring along) and bed so she could start recovering.

Jay managed to pull Wind Raven close enough to Siempre Sabado that Lulu was able to step across. Then he and I went back over to his mooring, cleaned things up and I headed back home.

Tomorrow is Sunday but, on Monday, we definitely need to get Lulu to a doctor to find out and fix whatever is ailing her.

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