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Sunday, June 12, 2011

6/12/2011 - a very nice day at anchor

Anchored at Bahia Agua Verde.

We slept in this morning. Well, I got up at about 7:30 which is a little late for me but Lulu managed to stay in bed until after 9;00. After a slow relaxed breakfast, we both got to work. I needed to assemble and launch the dinghy and Lulu had laundry to run through the wringer and then hang on the lifelines to dry.

BTW: If anyone from Silver Crest School is reading this, Lulu asked me to pass on to you that she really LOVES her wringer. Laundry day would be a much larger chore without it. She'd probably perish from terminal carpal tunnel syndrome if she had to wring out all the clothes by hand. So thank you all for a very appropriate and much appreciated going away gift. And I'm sure she wouldn't mind if some of you sent her the occasional e-mail (theyoders@earthlink.net).

Once these chores were done, we fired up the dinghy and went out to get a lay of the bay. The area where most of the boats are anchored is pretty shallow but the water is SO pretty. It's aqua-colored and swimming cool clear. There's another area to the east of us that is even prettier, and is more private. I think we're going to take the dink over there tomorrow to spend the day swimming and maybe snorkeling a bit.

We beached the dinghy and went ashore in search of the tienda and the restaurant. Agua Verde has a little more of a community feel than San Evaristo had. We passed the school and lots of little houses. There were goats grazing all over. Most had no tethers of any kind. The village is criss-crossed with dirt roads that seem to have no real rhyme or reason. They certainly don't run at right angles to each other. We saw a building that might have been the tienda. It was orange on the bottom with a purple boot stripe and then white from there on up. There was a sign out front that, among a bunch of other words, said "tienda communidad". It was open so we went on in. The main room was pretty empty. There were some boxes of produce against one wall. We got some avocados and tomatoes. The senora who was running the place then directed us to a top-loading refrigerator where she had some more vegetables (we got a couple chayotes a Mexican summer squash very similar to zucchini, and a bottle of water), some cheese (but no goat cheese), hot dogs, etc. Then she directed us through another door into the back room which is where all the non-perishables were. We bought some refried beans and corn. While she was adding up the bill, she took the lid off a pot that had some empenadas frijoles in it. We bought a couple. Loaded up we headed down the road. We decided to have the empenadas as a walking snack. WOW! La Senora must have seen us coming. These things were SO stale! And it didn't help that the pastry was sweet and tasted like a raised donut. We had a bite or two each and decided we could do without the rest.

Back at the boat, I got to work on making some playlists for our iPod. What a chore! I must have worked on it for 2 hours and I'm only up to the artists whose names start with "J". Decided to wait and work on it some more tomorrow.

By about 5:00 we were both pretty hot so we decided to jump in the water to cool off and maybe wash our hair while we were at it. I took my mask, snorkel and a scraper and scraped some barnacles off the hull as long as I was in the water anyway. After we got back aboard we hoisted the solar shower to rinse off with fresh water. I went first and HOLY CRAP! That water was HOT! Actually had to add some "cold" water from our tank to keep it from scalding us.

We ate a plate of nachos in the cockpit for dinner. Pretty soon we'll bring the computer out in the cockpit so we can watch a couple of shows under the stars. We did that for the first time last night and it was really nice. It was hot down below but out in the cockpit we caught the occasional breeze. I suspect we'll do more show-watching in the cockpit rather than down below from now until summer's over. It's really a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

That's about it for today.

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