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Saturday, June 11, 2011

6/11/2011 - Los Gatos to Agua Verde

What a perfect evening! It's 7:00 PM and I'm sitting in the cockpit with just a swimming suit on. The air is soft and balmy. Before the sun went down it was a wee bit warm but we solved that by jumping in the 80 degree water, and this time we took shampoo with us. Don't seem to be any bee issues and I suspect that's because there's a small fishing community here. Some of the families also raise dairy goats and, what with the watering troughs, etc., I would guess the bees don't have to look too hard to find a drink of fresh water like they did in the uninhabited Puerto Los Gatos. Anyway, we just finished dinner and I'm sitting here listening to a music mix that's included the Bonedaddies, Jimmy Buffett, Keith Sykes, Sheryl Crow, Harry Belafonte, Bob Marley, Loggins & Messina, Steel Pulse, Leon Russell, Toots and the Maytals, and Nicolette Larson so far. Life is good.

We left Los Gatos about 1030. The bees were hovering outside the screened companionway daring us to open it. But, by the time we left, they were gone. Maybe it was too hot for them by then. Looking at the GRIB files (wind speed and direction information downloaded to our SSB radio), it was pretty evident that we wouldn't be sailing today. Since the trip was only 18 nautical miles, we opted to leave the cockpit shade up. I wouldn't normally do that since we'd have to take it down before we could use the mainsail but yesterday it was SO HOT in the cockpit that we decided to risk it. The shade was really welcome on the trip. Guess we'll have to figure out some way to make a shade cover that we can use while sailing. Probably going to have to move that damn mainsheet traveler after all.

Arrived at Agua Verde and anchored in 16-20 feet of very clear water on 100' of chain. Anchor was secure at 1430. We're anchored in the center part of the bahia. There are 3 sailboats anchored up in the "choice" spot. That's the only place that has even minimal protection from north winds but, once again, the GRIB files didn't show any significant north winds for the next 72 hours. We're anchored all by ourselves near the beach.

This is a fishing and goating village. There are a bunch of open palapas along the beach and lots of pangas anchored right along the beach with a few pulled up on dry land. There are also some goat pens although we'll have to go ashore to see those. Agua Verde is famous, at least among cruisers, for its fresh goat cheese. There's supposed to be a little tienda and maybe even a restaurant ashore. We'll put the dinghy together and go exploring tomorrow. The plan right now is to stay here at least a couple of days. and, with us, "a couple of days" can easily turn into a week. We'll see.

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