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Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying a couple of new things

I was looking over some past posts and noticed there were comments.
Looking at them I realized they are at least 3 weeks old. Sorry
folks. I assumed that I would get an e-mail notification of
comments, but NO! However, I ventured behind the curtain of blogspot
and found that I can set it up to e-mail me such notifications. Now
I've done that. I also found out that I can post via e-mail so
that's how I'm posting this. Just to see if it works.

But, just to keep this a little nautical: I'm headed to the boat
today to slap a coat of varnish and paint on the various things I
built last week. Have to be home most of this week so I'll be
heading home right after I finish the varnishing/painting. Tomorrow
we have an appointment at Salem Travel Clinic to get our shots (Hep
A, Hep B, Yellow Fever). Wednesday we'll return to the boat (another
day trip) to put the last coat of varnish/paint on stuff and then
back to Silverton for a dental appointment and blood drive on
Thursday. This weekend I need to build the doors for the new clothes
lockers then next week I want to finish the battery installation
including the new Xantrex charger.

Mark: we haven't hauled out yet. I'm going to stop by River Bend
today to see what will work best in the next couple weeks taking
tides into consideration.

OK. Going to sign off and see if posting from e-mail worked.


rodyoder said...

testing, testing . . ., I'm enjoying your posts. Thanks.

Rebecca, the nerdy RN said...

Ha, Stephen, glad to see you're doing the vaccines, dentist etc stuff. How said is that - that I, as a nurse, am thinking, "Well, I hope they are all set, medically speaking, before they go" ? Nice rain on the parade, eh? :)

Uncle Stephen said...

No worries, Rebecca. We're used to the rain. If it's not health issues (and it usually isn't), it's "what about the (insert latest scare here; choose from the following list)"
-all the killings in Mexico
-swine flu
-next scare du jour