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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calling all Blogspot gurus

Man! I had a time with that last entry. First I tried to include the
photos as attachments from an e-mail update. Well, if you checked out
the posting right after I did it, you know that that didn't work. So
I got on-line and figured out how to post photos. And I was almost
able to post them how I wanted to, after about 30 tries. But, as you
can see near the end of the post, the font kept changing. Sometimes
it would just change size and other times it would change the font
altogether. Thought I had it ironed out until I saw my posting. So,
if anyone is hipper to this stuff than I am, (and that wouldn't take
much) send me a clue. Muchas gracias.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I haven't had that problem when posting photos, but I also haven't figured out how to post photos the way I want. I want to wrap the text around my photos, and sometimes that happens and sometimes not. Be sure you're not copying/pasting photos into the post. You might be pasting some formatting code with the photo when you do that. You have to post the photo by clicking the photo icon and walking through the process.