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Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/25/2012 - About those weird comments

If you read the comments following some of the blogs, you may have seen some strange ones if you got to them before I deleted them. They generally sound like someone for whom English is not their first language, being complimentary about how interesting and well-written my blog is. Very nice except the thing is, it's all SPAM (and not the kind I like with fried eggs).

I was led to believe that Blogger had a pretty good spam filter for comments. So, I decided to turn off that annoying word verification deal you get when you try to post a comment. I hate that thing. Especially now that they use two words which are almost unreadable. But, unfortunately, I immediately started getting inundated with spam. The Blogger filter caught some of it but it's such a piece of crap filter that on a given day, I might receive 5 comments, all worded almost exactly (and in some cases exactly ) the same. Two would get trapped in the filter and the other three would get through. I'd like to see the algorithm that allows this. Must be something like:

some stuff is in the comment sometimes
divert to trash sometimes
don't sometimes

Anyway, I'm sorry to say that I've had to turn the word verification back on. If it's any consolation, Blogger gets a ton of complaints from bloggers about this current verification program they're using. I don't know that they actually give a crap, but at least they get complaints.

Oh, and guess what? Lulu gets back tomorrow. YAY!


Tate said...

We'll work through the pain of putting on glasses and studiously deducing what the two captcha words are.... For you Steve. ;)

One of the reasons I like wordpress is that the spam filtering is VERY good. It catches almost all the spam.

Steve and Lulu said...

Thanks Tate. I appreciate your going the extra mile for me. I should investigate Wordpress and see if my past stuff can be converted.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind typing the verification word. Happy to hear that LuAnn will be "home" tomorrow. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I don't mind typing theverification word either and I am also glad that Lulu is getting home. Love always - Nancy

Shelly and Randy said...

I had to have someone put on a program called "captcha" because of spam on a form I have on the website. You might google around with that. S.

Keith and Kay Schardein said...

Yo, I know you are glad Lulu is back, and yeah, what a romantic guy to compose a song about her!! The best I got from Keith was "I'm in Love with a Big Blue Frog"...do you know that one? And, it wasn't his, of course!

Anyway, missed your blog because I was sick, too. Too dehydrated and too much noise from "Carnaval"! Ay yi yi. I'm better, it's over and now we are dealing with a norther. So no more excuses, I must post, too.

No worries about two hard-to-read words - beats SPAM all to hell!

Also, now that you have your FM3s, assume you know you can get a contract or plan with TelCel and avoid having to walk in to renew?

Keep on eatin'/cookin'/postin' - love it! k

Steve and Lulu said...

I'm not sure how much freedom I have to add things like CAPTCHA to a canned blog sit. Today, 2 SPAMs, worded pretty much the same way as all the rest, got past all of Blogger's security. Security? Anyway, I'm in the process of moving the blog over to Wordpress which, according to Tate, has a much more robust SPAM filter.


Steve and Lulu said...

I'll send you an e-mail and let you now what's up with us.