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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2-29-2012 - Blogging

So (don't you hate how the new speech mannerism is to start every answer or explanation with "So...") we've got this laid-back lifestyle: no weather worries unless we're making a passage, enough income as long as we don't get stupid, no lawn to mow, few bills, cheap food, etc. So what nags at me? I'll tell you what nags at me: not keeping current on this blog. I know how it is as a reader because I read other folks' blogs and I'm always a little disappointed when I check in and there's nothing new. It's a weird sort of responsibility. Wasn't so bad when I first started and it was just a few family and friends reading the blog to keep track of us but now, if I can believe that Cluster Map deal, I have a LOT of readers and they're all over the world. Now I feel like I need to stay at least somewhat current, not to remain "popular" or anything, but to not disappoint you all. So, let me just say that I'm sorry I've been so hit or miss about blog updates lately. I'll try to do better. Believe me, it eats at me in the middle of the night.

For the record, it's not like I've just been ignoring my blogging duties. I've started the process of moving the whole thing over to Wordpress on advice from Tate. I actually moved all the old blogs a couple days ago. Most of the comments made the migration as well although they seem to have ignored pretty much anything comments made in February. Now I need to customize the page so that I like the way it looks and then I'll make the final move. The URL will be similar to this one and I'll maintain this site, at least as long as they let me with little to no activity on it. Once I move, I won't add entries to this site but it'll still be here with a link to the new site so we'll be easy to find.

Besides that, I've been working on a couple of new posts but they all involve some sort of project and I'm hoping to complete the projects before I post them. One of these might be ready tomorrow. Hint: it involves food (now there's a surprise). Another one has nothing to do with food and is all about the boat. Now there's a real surprise!

Other than that, it's good to have Lulu home again and she's as glad to be back as I am to have her back. When she got here she had long pants on and a long sleeve shirt. She pulled up her pant leg to reveal longjohns! She said that she gave up her borrowed down jacket reluctantly at the very last minute at the Cedar Rapids airport. Geez! I'd about forgotten that it was still winter up there. Here we are starting to make plans for our spring and summer in the Sea of Cortez. Planning on heading out the end of March. And they're getting snow in Oregon? My sister reported 100 mph winds off the central Oregon coast a couple days ago, my Mom reported snow in Eugene, our daughter Cody said there are 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground at her house in the Silverton Hills. Egads! Now I remember why we came down here (as if I ever forgot) and are awfully happy to be here.

So, with that, I'll bid you all adieu and get on with the day so I'll have something to write about.


Dani said...

I LOVE wordpress.. We just reformatted our blog in a new theme..organized tags, and did some custom HTML stuff..

Also we created our own "logo" that shows up in the browser tabs.

Welcome to wordpress Yoder! (Tate and I have dropped your first names and refer to you as "Yoder") Can't wait to see your new blog.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those disappointed when I go to your blog and there is nothing new but I am being selfish. I try to e mail every day but sometimes there are days when I have nothing to say and probably busy so don't sit down to write so I can understand if you do the same. Good to hear that LuAnn is back and all is well on that little boat. Love, Mom

The Ceol Mors said...

Here's the thing- you can't get so caught up in blogging about your life that you forget to actually LIVE your life. :) I run 2 to 3 weeks behind and I have come to the conclusion that its ok. People will understand, or not in which case I hear Jersey Shore is pretty up to date. ;)

Anonymous said...

The reason we love blogs so much is that we can live through them. We.. sitting here in N.Idaho.... in the snow storm and 4" on the ground love to hear about the water...booze... fun... food and ok... an ocassionally boat project. So while we do like to see updates... I agree with Ceol Mors ... live the life and we will be happy to share it with you when you have time...or want to make or take time. Until then... remain cool ... Fredeye

Shelly and Randy said...

True that, Fredeye (I'm really not sure what that saying means, but I hear the kids use it!) Love to read about the good life when you get a chance to post it, Steve. Put, hey, what about the Facebook craze? You could create a profile sort of like a business does, then us Facebookers get a notice that you've posted. Might be kind of a fun way to go. Great that LL got a trip to see Aud, and great to know she is back at "home" in the south.

Steve and Lulu said...

When I switch to Wordpress there will be a spot where you can enter your e-mail address to be notified of updates. But Facebook? I don't think so. I don't understand why anyone likes using that thing. It's just all too weird to me. NOW YOU KIDS GET OFFA MY LAWN!


Dani said...

haha..I have a facebook page for Sundowner..but honestly i'm not a huge fan of facebook. I just post our posts from Wordpress onto there so my friends don't have to check the site for updates.

Maybe one day when we are cruising it will be more useful, but I'm not sure. It's just one more thing to keep up with...One more obligation.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Steve & Lulu: Lulu, I am glad that you are home and I hope you had a good visit with your family.
Steve: I do look daily for your blogs and thoroughly enjoy them. I, like your Mom, email everyday, even if it is "nothing new in my area" and I know that you see them too. Take care and my love to you always - Nancy

Keith and Kay Schardein said...

so glad Lulu is home and that life is good "over" there east of us. It's been lovely here, almost too hot for a couple of days with a pineapple express blowing in from the south. But tomorrow we get hit with the strongest norther since we arrived - blasts of 30+ knots!! Wow.

So, you need to stop beating yourself up about blogging...as you can see above, people just enjoy when you do post. We are after all, RETIRED!!!

(Don't you love my "so" above? And, I'm lecturing you because I'm the same about our freakin' blog and we only have a handful of faithful readers. What is it about this GUILT instead of enjoying each day? Hmmm?)

Bev said...

Sun is shining in OR today and nice to see. True confession: I think the 100 mph wind was exaggerated by the guy who told us that. It was a really hard heavy wind, but the news said 40 mph so it was probably closer to 60, but doubt it was 100.