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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15/2011 - Follow up to the Mañana blog

Henry the Diver arrived at the boat bright and early. He was in the water to install the prop by 8:30. By 9:20 he was all done. This time we have a nice new stainless steel cotter pin installed that will hopefully keep the nut from backing off again. And, the Loc-Tite I smeared on the threads ought to help as well.

I worked on reinstalling the transmission but by mid afternoon I was just frustrated. I could NOT find the sweet spot where everything just slid together. I took a break for awhile in the afternoon when Owen (s/v Que Tal) hauled me to the nuts and bolt store to get some special bolts I needed. Followed that up with a stop at Ace Hardware to buy things that neither one of us really needed but couldn't continue to live without.

When I got back to the boat I worked on the transmission install again. It didn't go any easier but eventually I did manage to get the stupid thing in. Tomorrow I have to rebuild the water pump as I can't test the transmission/prop fixes until I can start the engine up.

Lulu spent the day working on the settee cushions. She's re-covering them as the original fabric we used didn't wear well at all. I'm waiting until she's all done to post a picture. Should be just a few more days.

We decided we earned dinner out tonight so we walked up Avenida 5 de Febrero to Señor Azucar's ("Si ud. conoce Sr. Azucar, su conoce La Paz."). After going over and over the menu, Lulu decided on chiles rellenos de camarón (chiles stuffed with shrimp) and I had Almejas Chocolates Rellenas (chocolate clams stuffed with bacon, cheese and mushrooms). We started with an order of guacamole. When they brought it, we got a bowl of guacamole as well as a bowl of smoked fish dip that tastes exactly like Lulu's smoked salmon/cream cheese spread. It was so good.

Both our meals were excellent. While we were relaxing over another round of cervezas, the owner, Marcello, brought us complimentary shots of tequila. It was very smooth. Later in the evening, he brought us another complimentary tequila. He was a very nice guy. Originally from Acapulco but he's been in La Paz for 36 years.

Eventually it was time to wend our way back to the boat where we watched a couple shows on DVD and then went to bed. It was hot today (mid 80s) and probably will be again tomorrow. What a shame, huh?

Oh yeah, while Lulu was getting in shape with an hour and a half of Yoga-Lates at Club Cruceros, I was hoofing it downtown to the organic market to get some sausage. A guy named Ace was selling both breakfast sausage and Italian sausage. Now, I love chorizo but eventually a guy just wants something else. However, at the price Ace was charging, I think we'll learn to make our own sausage. On the way back to the boat, not having had time for breakfast, I stopped at 2 roving taco carts. At the first one I had a taco de "carnitas de res horneado". This should have been some sort of oven-cooked beef, but, in truth, it tasted and looked an awful lot like pork. Very good, though. Then I went back up the street to have a taco at a stand that has been in business since 1951. Since that's also the year of my birth, I felt a kinship. I had no idea what kind of tacos these were as there was no sign. Turned out they were fish tacos. They were very good. I asked what kind of fish and he answered that these were "de tiburón" (shark), Mako tiburón. They were quite tasty.

Tomorrow I'll rebuild the engine's raw water pump and Lulu will continue sewing cushions. And it'll probably be 80+ degrees again. Ahhhhhh.......


Anonymous said...

Dad just finished reading your blog and said "boy oh boy, they are having quite the time". enjoy. Love, Mom

jvcarey2 said...

Hi Stephen and Lulu
I just signed up to start following your adventure. I saw your blog address in the Clearwater Tribune while visiting my mom. I lived next door to LuAnn in Orofino. Jeff and I were in the same grade and were friends. My younger brother Steve is probably Lulu's age. We moved from Orofino in 1960. I retired 5 years ago to do more sailing. I since have developed Menieres disease (an inner ear problem that affects hearing and balance) It limits my sailing to inland waters, but that's not too bad living in the Puget Sound area, the sailing is great here.
My wife Vicki just recovered our cushions with Sumbrella and it is the only way to go. My son and I were out and I spilled a glass of red wine on a cushion the first trip out after she finished them and it just wiped off with no stain. I would not have been able to return home if it would have stained.

It sounds like you are enjoying your adventure, I will enjoy following you.

Fair Winds
Jim Carey S/V Polaris Tacoma WA

Steve and Lulu said...


Freaky! Could the world be any smaller? Lulu remembers your name but is having trouble remembering which house was yours. Drop us an e-mail so she can discuss it with you. I guess it's not too hard to understand her confusion since she was only 4 years old when you moved away in 1960. Wonder if there are any other sailors out there from Orofino?