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Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/2011 - Our plans, such as they are...

We kept getting asked what our plans are. When are we leaving La Paz? Are we heading "across" to Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, etc? Or, as an anonymous commenter asked on our blog the other day: "Now that you're no longer cruising, are you going to live on the boat or buy a house?" The only answers to these questions that we can be sure of adhering to is "I don't know" and "Maybe".

The standard observance about cruisers' schedules (by cruisers) is that they're firmly cast in Jello (or sand). In other words, there's generally nothing firm about them. We're no different.

Originally we had planned to be in the Puerto Vallarta area for the winter because we'd always read and heard that the weather and water are much warmer there and that it can get uncomfortably cool in Baja in the winter. Those plans went by the wayside when we found out that Lulu's brother had a chance to snag a condo in La Paz for Christmas. So we decided to stay here through Christmas and maybe move over to the mainland after the holidays. Since then, a situation arose requiring Lulu to fly to Idaho to help her Mom move into a new apartment. She won't be back here until around the end of January, so, other than to move from Marina Costa Baja to the anchorage about mid-month, I'm not going anywhere until she gets back.

So that will give me all of January to watch the weather. I've been checking weather for here and Puerto Vallarta every morning for a week or two now. It might be true that the water temperature is more conducive to swimming but the air temperatures have been virtually the same. The largest difference I've seen so far was a whole 5 degree spread and La Paz was still in the 70s that day. So, so far I haven't seen any huge reason to cross the Sea just yet. It definitely hasn't been "uncomfortably cool" here yet.

At this point, the only thing that I'm fairly sure of is that we plan to spend our summer in the northern Sea of Cortez and our spring getting there. Next fall we'll head back down the sea and maybe spend next winter on the mainland. But then again, maybe not.

Everybody has their own style. Some folks want to almost never touch land, others like to get places, spend a few days and then move on. Some want to see how many places they can get to in a season and others aren't satisfied with just ticking off places in Mexico, they need to venture further and soon. To all of these folks, I say "Enjoy!" Our style, at least so far, is that we like to get to a place and then, if we like it, stay long enough to really get a feel for the place. We love La Paz. And, it's a fairly large place that we have barely scratched the surface of. One of my goals while Lulu is in Idaho is to branch out further afield. I want to ride the colectivos to wherever they go. Colectivos are little converted school buses (usually) that move folks around the city for a flat fare of, I believe, 8 pesos. One thing I want to see is how close I can get to the airport on a colectivo versus hiring a cab. There's also a ton of places where we want to eat while we're here and, since we can't afford to and don't want to eat out every night, this is going to take some time.

So, when are we leaving La Paz? When there's a reason to, I guess. So far no place else is calling us so we're good here until we get bored or the weather turns to crap or the islands call out to us or...

Next January or the one after that we'll be asked the question, "So, when are you going to leave Puerto Vallarta?" Or, Chamela? Zihuatanejo? Barra de Navidad? San Blas? or maybe, La Paz? Rest assured that we'll get to all these places but we'll get there in our own good time. And once we get there, we'll stay awhile, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

thats what is nice about being retired, you don't have to make decisions until the time arises. None of us know from day to day what tomorrow will bring so it is nice to be able to play it by ear. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Right on Steve!-Maybe one day Siempre Sabado and Zosha can cruise together for awhile-
Take care my friend

Samantha Bryner said...

Go with the flow! Don't make plans too tight, things will always change and one wants to be flexible, no?

i want to send you the ONLY Baja bird identification book on the planet and it is written in both English and Spanish. Please let me know a safe place to send it. What should I do? When is Lulu going to ID? Should I send it there then she can bring it back? Let me know!! If anyone else out there wants one please email me below. This book was written by a friend & the proceeds go to a charity in Baja! Thanks and love you guys!

James Bryner said...

Hey Yoders!! Samantha turned me on to your blog and A) I LOVE IT and B) I HATE YOU (OK, read I'm really freaking jealous and want to trade lives right now!! How do you feel about working in an ER while I sail your boat around? I've been enjoying reading your back log of blogs as the snow melts off of the salted streets here in FH and Anacortes. Glad you are out there doing it and keep your plans laid in the solid foundations of Jell-o. I realize that when I was on my bike trip I would set a goal for the day and would stress about meeting that goal...stupid! Like it somehow mattered where I was and when I was on this huge and amazing world. Peace and love from the cold NW. James

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Steve! If one more person asks me when we are leaving La Paz, I think I'll 'boil over'-in Spanish, it's 'como agua para el chocolate'. I subscribe to your way of thinking. I've enjoyed being your dock neighbor in Costa Baja and hope to meet you and Lulu again.

Gozalo mucho,

Lisa n Neil
S/V Gypsy

Steve and Lulu said...

Good to hear from you. The fact that you say you love the blog is high praise indeed considering some of the great stuff you've written. As far as hating me, well, if that's the emotion that the blog instills then I truly have done my job. Looks like we've traded places as your account of your bike trip through SE Asia got me through many a work day and not without a large dose of envy although you can keep most of those long uphill slogs. And the bathrooms on the trains in Viet Nam, you can keep those, too. Anyway, hope you keep reading and stay in touch.

Lisa & Neil,
So, when ARE you guys going to leave La Paz? Estas como agua para el chocolate? Lo siento. I couldn't resist the obvious opening.

I sent you a reply via the wghs line.

I don't know, man. You think you can keep up with our pace?

Right on.


Mid-Life Cruising! said...

We totally agree with your logic! If you don't have to get back to a job or anything, why rush? We hope to take our time once we start cruising next year. Enjoy!

SV Estrellita 5.10b said...

Great answer.