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Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9/2010 - Yodersaground: The reunion winds down

Things are beginning to wind down here in The Dalles, Oregon. Saturday was the big day for the "cousins' reunion" and Mark & Tracy's house was overflowing. Yesterday, many of the celebrants headed home so Sunday was a quieter day. Lulu accompanied cousins Roger, Willy, and Mike, along with several of their kids (although I'm not exactly sure which ones went) on a tour of the Maryhill Vineyard and Winery. I went with Tracy, her kids and Willy's son, Jake, to Hood River to watch the kite boarders and wind surfers. We also stopped at Mike's Ice Cream for some treats. Hood River has really adapted to the influx of people that the windsports bring. The place had the air of summer about it and made me think of it as "Santa Cruz on the Columbia", but without the roller coaster.

Mark and Tracy have been the best hosts you can imagine. To have this many people staying at their house for so long and yet never blowing their cool is amazing. They own and operate The Baldwin Saloon so you know the food was always amazing: fajitas, fish tacos, steaks, prawns, oysters, blackberry pancakes for breakfast, etc, etc. Last night was declared "cook's night off" so aunts Nancy and Alice treated us to Chinese take-out. One thing there has been no shortage of is food.

Lulu and I will be heading out about 11:00 or so. Time to get back to the job at hand: Cody & Scott's wedding.

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