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Monday, May 24, 2010

5/24/2010 - Anchor rode

I tried. I really did. I tried to get all of my anchor rode stowed in the anchor locker. I installed a vertical divider so that I could stow two separate rodes. But it just wouldn't all fit. I was really glad that I had decided not to glass the divider in as I had originally planned. Made removing it so much easier.

Our primary anchor is a 15 kg (33 lb.) Rocna with 200' of 5/16" high test chain backed up by 250' of 5/8" nylon line. My secondary anchor is a 15 kg Bruce copy with 50' of 5/16" HT chain backed up by 150' of 5/8" nylon. Both of these anchors are carried on rollers on the bowsprit. Stowed under the V-berth is a 35 lb. CQR with 50' of 3/8" HT chain and 250' of 5/8" nylon (Hmmm...maybe I should swap those two rodes). Finally, in the lazerette we have a 10 kg Danforth with 50' of 5/16" HT chain and 150' of 5/8" nylon. So, although some of my rodes may be a skosh short, I believe we're pretty well fixed for ground tackle.

But, there's just no way that all of my primary and secondary rodes can be stashed belowdecks.

So today I threw in the towel. First I removed the anchor locker divider. Then I made the nylon-to-chain splice on my new primary anchor rode.

Then I stowed the primary rode in the anchor locker and relegated the secondary rode to a milk crate on the foredeck. Not particularly Bristol, I'll admit, but better to have it stowed in a milk crate than not to have the rode at all.

PS: A note on my use of the word "rode". The way I learned it, the thing that connects the stuff that's strung between the anchor and the boat is the "rode", regardless of what it's made of. I oftentimes read internet comments from sailors who reserve the word "rode" for line only. They might refer to having "100' of chain backed up by 250' of nylon rode". When I use the word, it refers to the whole length. So, my primary anchor has 450' of rode.

We were a little concerned as to how Siempre Sabado would respond to another 250 lbs of ground tackle stowed up forward. Well, it did bring the bow down a little, but not very much.

Oh yeah, I also got my other solar panel mounted today. Now comes the harder part: wiring them up.

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