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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food Find in Newport

(first, let me apologize for the dearth of entries. I can update my blog with text-only entries via e-mail, allowing me to compose them off-line. But so far, I haven't found a way to compose entries with photos while off-line and I don't always want to spend a whole bunch of time hogging one of the only 2 broadband hook-ups at the marina. I composed this entry at the library. Anyway, if I ever figure out a way or another blog site that allows off-line composition, I should get a little better about updates. Until then, on with the story...)

Food find in Newport:

Who knew? Right here in Newport there are at least a couple of food finds that rival what we've read about in less-industrialized countries for price and quality. Lulu found out about one of these quite by accident. Last week, while doing some laundry, she got to talking with some guy in the laundry room who told her about this really good deal on lunch at someplace called "The Sword Shop" in Aquarium Village. Now, Aquarium Village is a short walk from the marina but we've pretty much ignored it. It's full of kitschy little tourist shops and looks like a low rent theme park.

Somewhere in this mess there was supposedly a place called "The Sword Shop" that supposedly served a lunch consisting of a salad, an entree, a small drink and dessert for $3.00. Now 'm not usually a skeptic (okay, yes I am) but c'mon, the SWORD Shop? Three bucks? This had to be investigated. So, one beautiful day this week Lulu and I wandered over. We were tempted to wear Groucho glasses & nose disguises in case anyone we knew saw us wandering around Aquarium Village. But, it being mid-week we figured we were pretty safe.

Well, we found the Sword Shop and looked through the windows. Looked like a shop that sold swords to us. No food in sight. So we wandered around the corner. The pink and blue place in the photo is a place called Screme's Deli. It's actually also the back entrance to the Sword Shop. Inside we found a few small tables full of apparently happy eaters. The staff was bustling back and forth between the kitchen and the dining area. We checked out the signage and the deal is that every day the deli serves a lunch. Just the one lunch, no choices. If it's what you want, great, if not, come back tomorrow. The lunch consists of a green salad, an entree and a dessert as well as a small (12 oz.) drink. And, yes, it does cost only $3.00. They serve from 11:30 to 1:30, if memory serves. The entree the day we tried them out was a pork chop and baked potato:

It was really good. The pork chop was nicely seasoned and very tender. The spud was baked to perfection and had real butter as well as sour cream
if you wanted it. The salad was good and about the same size you always get as a dinner salad. Since there was just the one entree, service was virtually immediate.

For dessert they offered these humongous homemade (okay, deli-made) cookies. They had at least three varieties that I noticed but there may have been more. I had a chocolate chocolate chip one and Lulu had a sugar cookie:

And all this just a hop, skip and a jump from the boat. We haven't been back yet but we will be. And maybe while we're there we can pick up a sword or two


Anonymous said...

Funny how you can find little joints that surprise you. In Port Aransas, Texas there is a little cinder block building Shells. Looks like a bait shop. Go inside and they have the most amazing food. Duck breast in red wine reduction, lamb chops in real mint sauce, tuna just kissed by heat and really oriental dishes. And so reasonable it became one of our favorites. Go over to where the tourist are and get frozen food for three times the price. Always ask a local. They know. Ken

Shelly and Randy said...

Sounds like a great deal, you’ll have to make it a regular stop. I was so happy to have a story to read (and pictures too). I was traveling from snowy Pocatello through Salt Lake City to the Lewiston airport last night. Had been there to give some water pollution control training to people that didn’t really seem to care, they just needed the certification. Sitting in a little bar with the second glass of Cabernet in the airport in the city of undergarments, where a “kitschy” chick with a t-shirt that said Polygamy Porter on the back was gabbing loudly about how the women ice skaters (only Olympic champions) need to frickin’ learn how to skate and quit falling on their butts. I don’t know if I was entertained or just tired and ready to get home. I too would have had the chocolate chocolate chip cookie!

Steve & Lulu said...

Ken: I love the idea of finding good eats in a bait shop. That's the kind of thing that would happen in one of the "Redneck Riviera" type books I like (Robert Crais, John D. MacDonald, etc.)

Shelly: speaking of "Polygamy Porter", we're currently watching season 2 of "Big Love" which we got at the library. Very good show.


Livia said...

Microsoft Live Writer is free and allows offline composition with photos to blogspot. It is what I use when we aren't at our marina (we have good wifi here).

If you scroll half way down this post I write about it (and I wrote that post with Live Writer):


Hope that helps!

Steve & Lulu said...

Thanks for the lead, Livia. I'll check itout. BTW, imagine my surprise when I clicked the link and ended up at a blog that I just yesterday subscribed to, after being led there by your "Cruiser Interviews" project.