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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meanwhile, back in Newport

Been raining like a big dog so far this week. Last Thursday, when I
went to the Aquarium to clean the otters' toys, it was raining
sideways. Didn't waste any time watching the staff feed the pinnipeds
that day. Got the toys cleaned and got back to the boat ASAP.

Yesterday, on a suggestion from our friends Rod & Jennifer Hill, we
went to the Newport Library to see if we could get library cards.
They have a 3-month visitor card that costs $5.00 or, since we are
paying for a slip at the marina and are, therefore, residents, we are
eligible for a regular card. Libraries have changed a lot. Sure they
still have books. But you should see the collection of DVDs they
have. Movies, TV shows, travelogues, how-to videos, etc. They also
have books-on-CD as well as a fair collection of music CDs. So I
guess we'll save our collection of DVDs and books for when we're away
from here and use the Newport Public Library's collection in the
meantime. Ben Franklin had a great idea when he came up with free
libraries. I'm continually amazed that they exist.

A new item in my keeping busy arsenal: tomorrow I'm going to spend the
day at the Aquarium helping to tear down the traveling exhibit (Odd
Water). The animals are being shipped to other aquariums and we'll
soon be stripping the whole exhibit down and rebuilding to house the
new Swamplands exhibit scheduled to open in May. Meanwhile, Lulu
starts her stint of volunteering at the Hatfield Marine Science Center
next week. Not sure how all these crossword puzzles are going to get
done with us running around doing other stuff. Guess we'll just have
to work twice as hard at them. Or not.

We've added a plexiglass insert to our companionway to brighten things
up down below. We already have plexiglass drop boards so now, we just
slide the hatch all the way open, lay the new plexiglass panel over
the opening and we're pretty protected from the weather while still
getting all the natural light afforded by a seemingly fully-open
companionway. Woo-hoo!


Shelly and Randy said...

The library collections have come a long way. I used to pick up books on CD when there were still books on tape available. The selection included a ton of religious books and self-help books. I self-helped on many trip to Boise and Portland, but I never seemed to improve much! Now you can actually check out entertainment without a dose of self-help.
Exciting to hear about your trip planning, sounds like an adventure and a half. S.

Anonymous said...

I use to check out language CDs but then I found my own at Half Price Books. Spanish would really be helpful and a challange to learn. Ken