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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where we're at

Just in case you have Google Earth and would like to see exactly where
we are, here is a link. You can then zoom out and see where all the
places are that we walk to. Walmart (44 deg.39'23.40"N x 124 deg.
03'15.39"W) is our furthest venture north so far and the industrial
park at 44 deg.36'11.07"N x 124 deg.03'19.48"W is our furthest venture

I'm not sure if the attachment will come through when I post this
update via e-mail so, just in case, ground zero is at 44 deg.
37'20.29"N x 124 deg.03'05.67"W. Thanks to the Brown Dog for
reminding me about Google Earth.

1 comment:

Stephen Yoder said...

Of course the attachment didn't come through. Oh ell, just plug in the coordinates. If you don't already have Google Earth, and assuming you do have a high speed connection, get a copy (it's free) at http://earth.google.com/